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Better Life Fitness stands out among other fitness businesses in our approach to exercise and our philosophy to health.

First, our philosophy is one of lifestyle change as the means to fitness. We believe our bodies were created by God to be in good health. Good health requires an inward focus rather than an outward focus on external appearance or weight as popular culture dictates. We believe that trying to fit an hour of exercise in each day will not necessarily translate into health benefits if it is an afterthought to a busy lifestyle.  Instead, health & fitness is a by-product of dedication to a God-honoring lifestyle, because true health honors God.

Second, our approach to fitness is venue-specific so that the exercise classes and the educational seminars are both affordable AND relevant to real life. For example, whereas most fitness businesses rely on a singular location and a predictable array of equipment to deliver their exercise services, BLF takes it to the streets – literally. We teach fitness outdoors so as to break through the mindset of being equipment-dependent to get a good workout. We teach you to be ready and able to exercise in ANY urban or rural environment.

When it comes to our educational seminars, lifestyle change as the road to wellness is the defining characteristic of these programs. By attending our seminar programs, participants learn the connection between natural law and their health and fitness. As a result, they get to learn the value of wellness, the benefit of functional fitness and the power of positive, encouraging relationships. No other fitness business that we know of can make that claim.  We work with you at YOUR level of fitness, as opposed to pushing you to ours.

We care about YOUR health & fitness, as opposed to flaunting our fitness and physique. In short, it’s YOUR experience we’re interested in, not our personal satisfaction. We are here to serve YOU, and that’s what makes us unique!


We believe a healthy body is a nourished, active and well-rested body. As evidenced by research in the book The Blue Zones by Dan Buettner, given the right balance of the right factors to nourish the mind, body & spirit, our bodies can live to be over 100 years old, in good health and free of disease.

Our vision is to help as many people as possible experience the vibrant health that is possible through a change in lifestyle – a rebirth of sorts where personal responsibility and discipline rule the mind over the body in a spirit of humility and with noble purpose.

We are realizing this vision one person at a time through a commitment to empowering you to experience the fitness lifestyle via our education, services and events.


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