Dirt Head Dry Tri

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Get sweaty! Get pumped! Get dusty!

It is good for your heart

The Dry Tri starts with a 5K trail run/walk through the hills of Hulda Crooks Park

It is good for your muscles

Then it moves to a series of strength exercises such as walking lunges, bear crawls and crab walks

It is good for testing your endurance

The last segment includes an agility course of lateral jumps, box jumps, and more!

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    You can participate in all three events or just do the 5K walk/run. This event is for anyone daring enough to test the limits of their physical prowess, and everyone willing to get outside and try.

    Are you a CrossFitter?
    Think of this as your WOD or a continuous 20-minute One-rep max.

    This is a great change of pace.

    Recreational sport geek or serious athlete?
    This is a great cross-training challenge.

    Whatever your cup of tea, this race will give you an awesome morning JOLT!


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Ready to race?


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The Dirt Head is held in April and October each year