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Weight loss by the numbers
Did you know the weight loss industry is a $20 billion industry?  According to an ABC news story on May 8, 2012, there are over 108 million dieters in the US alone, and each one makes four to five attempts at losing weight per year.  Wow!  If diets were so successful, why do people need to keep repeating the exercise?  Is there a way to healthy, sustainable weight loss the first time?

We believe there is, and we developed the 20/40 Project for this very reason – to help you lose weight the right way, the healthy way and never have to diet again.  Does this resonate with you?  Then keep reading.

What is it?

The 20/40 Project is the anti-Diet solution to healthy, sustainable and permanent weight loss.  Voted best weight loss center by Redlands Daily Facts Reader’s Choice in 2015, the 20/40 Project is a life-changing event that promises to losing-weightintroduce you to the world of true health in the midst of a world full of diet confusion.  The 20/40 Project is a weight-loss program designed to help overweight individuals lose 20 pounds during a 40-day exercise & nutrition regimen.

How does it work?
The 20/40 Project addresses what all other weight loss diets fail to address – true health, and the reason we put on weight to begin with.  We focus on bringing the body back into a healthy balance of metabolic function rather than focusing on weight loss as other programs do.  The result is amazing!

We begin with an information seminar to introduce you to the issues surrounding obesity, and the one and only healthy solution – metabolic health.  Then we present an opportunity to enroll in the program.

Then for six weeks, you will participate 4 times per week in education, healthy food samples and appropriate exercise to help you experience the body changes associated with healthy weight loss.  When you’re done, you will see a new person in the mirror and a new future in your mind!

What can I expect?
For some of you, the first few days are the most difficult as your body begins to detoxify via the increased nutrition and physical activity.  For others, the follow up to the six weeks is the most challenging as you feel “on your own.”   body-compositionHowever, the excitement of losing ½ pound per day for several weeks motivates everyone to continue with the new lifestyle, and the determination to find their ideal weight. 

As such, and most importantly, you should expect to make the commitment necessary to fully benefit from the experience.  In other words, you will only get out of it what you invest into it.  This may involve changing your schedule around to make time to attend the classes as well as prepare the meals at home.  It may also require you assess your existing support system and make accommodations where necessary. 

Lastly, it will involve your willingness to be open to learn something new AND put it into practice.  Simple?  Yes!  Easy?  No!  It is recommended individuals enroll with an accountability partner or to recruit the support of a spouse of close family.  They should expect to devote 8-12 hours per week in making the life changes (food shopping & meal prep) and attending the exercises classes.


In addition to the weight loss, individuals participating in this project can expect to experience:

  • more energy
  • better sleep
  • improved mood
  • clearer thinking
  • lower blood pressure
  • improved strength and cardiovascular fitness

Ready to learn more?

Call us to attend a FREE information seminar to learn if this program is right for you.




This is NOT a quick-fix solution to overweight!  For some of you, this may be the hardest thing you’ll ever do.  There will be no calorie counting, no pre-prepared meals, no diet plans, no shots, no shakes, no pills, no potions or wraps, no hypnotherapy, and certainly NO SURGERY!  Just you and a new way to interact with the world around you as it pertains to healthy metabolic function, i.e. nutrition, physical activity, rest/sleep and stress management.