Basics of Foam Rolling


Learn the best way to foam roll in order to prevent injuries, AND how to use it as a stretching tool!

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When we run, bike, swim … MOVE … our muscles form knots due to improper form, overuse, heavy lifting, poor posture, stress, prolonged sitting and more. These knots cause muscle imbalances and can lead to injuries if not remedied.

Think of your muscle as a rubber band. You can stretch it all day long, but if the knots are not removed, the rubber band will not function properly. The same is true of your muscle.

This is an illustration of what your muscle looks like prior to foam rolling.


We have created a foam rolling class that demonstrates the basics of how to foam roll the knots away and how to use it as a stretching tool. Some of the muscle groups we will address are quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, inner thighs, upper back, and more.

This illustrates what your muscle looks like after consistentĀ foam rolling and stretching.

Beginning January 11, Better Life Fitness will be hosting this class EVERY Wednesday night for 8 weeks.
The class will be held from 6 to 7 pm
at the Institute for Precision In Movement, 394 E. Commercial Rd., San Bernardino.
Cost of the class is $100 for the eight sessions.
Please bring your own foam roller.

Questions or more info? Contact Ashleigh at 909.222.5462 or contact us here.


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