HIIT Mamas
(High Intensity Interval Training)






Workout for moms
Playdate for kids



‘HIIT Mamas’ is a work out class designed for moms with a built-in play date for babes and kids. We offer High Intensity Interval Training styled workouts that focus on the whole body. Our group inspires moms to get healthier, stronger, and more comfortable in their own skin while giving encouragement and support to one another.
Equipment needed: dumbbells, jump rope, mat, and jogging stroller.

Tuesday @ Sylvan Park, 9:15-10:30am
Friday @ the top of Prospect Park, 9:15-10:30am

Monthly membership for morning ‘HIIT Mamas’ + afternoon ‘HIIT, Hike & Hustle’: $45 (includes all 12 classes a month)
Drop in: $10 per class per mama ($10 for the whole immediate family at the afternoon class!)